Tomato Soup Story

At Shumei Santa Cruz Farm, we believe in the power of our vegetables to heal and transform the person enjoying them. We experienced a beautiful example of the power of natural agriculture vegetables during one of our Yoga and Farm to Table lunch events in Fall 2015. A young girl, who had just participated in our farm tour as her mother attended yoga in our Redwood forest, was not very excited to see the array of vegetables offered for lunch. Her mother explained that she didn’t enjoy any vegetables and only eats plain rice. We were sad to hear that she would not be able to enjoy the lunch we prepared, especially because we believe our vegetables are more delicious than most vegetables grown today.

Without the usage of fertilizers, pesticides, and other unnatural additives, our vegetables have the power to grow the way that is best for them, and to be strong without the artificial help of chemicals. At the end of lunch, we were absolutely delighted to hear from the young girl’s mother that her daughter had tried the homemade tomato soup prepared from our heirloom tomatoes. Not only had she tried it, but she loved it. Her mother said, “This is our memorable tomato soup for our family.” We were so excited that her daughter had changed her mind and opened herself to the possibility of enjoying vegetables.

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