The Power of Gratitude

By Erina Itoyama

I want to share a story about a healing that happened to me during my month at the Pasadena and Hollywood Centers.

For the last 7 years, I have had very bad constipation. I only had two stools a week and they were very, very painful. Last fall, this health issue became even worse. I could only go to the bathroom once a week. I had a heavy feeling in my stomach, headaches, and nausea without getting any relief from vomiting. Near the end of last year, I went to doctors in Japan, but they couldn’t find anything wrong.

The meals we had at the Pasadena and Hollywood Centers were tasty, healthy and had no meat in them but included many vegetables. I bought my own vegetables, washed them myself, cooked them myself, and happily ate with gratitude everyday.

While I was at the Hollywood Center, I had many opportunities to eat with the members. We cooked, ate, and cleaned up together. We had a great time! For the month I was there, I ate no meat. I ate mostly vegetables and rice. It was a very simple diet but I ate with gratitude and happiness. At the Hollywood Center, after morning chanting, everyone hugs each other. Because I was hugging people, I felt less stress and more relaxed. The constipation I had been having for 7 years went away, and I was healed. I think my healing was a result of my being more grateful while I ate. I also think that the hugging and the changed diet with more vegetables and no meat helped heal me. It is a miracle! Thank you, Meishusama.

I am glad that I was able to go to Pasadena and Hollywood Centers to experience a different part of America. It was a great learning experience for me that I want to share with everyone. I am very grateful for everyone’s help.

Thank you.

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