The Bento Project

Around the end of September 2013, I began experiencing pain in my ovaries and decided to see a doctor to get them checked with an ultrasound. They found a large mass in my right ovary. Because of this and the increasing pain, I decided to have surgery. After the surgery, I was told that they found a mass that was malignant and that I had stage IC ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer usually goes undetected until the late 3 or 4 stages, but I felt incredibly lucky because my unusual pain during my early IC stage had allowed me to remove it before it had advanced too much.

I was suggested to take 3~6 sessions of chemotherapy in addition to the surgery. However, I decided not to have chemotherapy. Instead I went with an alternative natural treatment after my surgery, and took cumin oil and ate Natural Agriculture rice and vegetables. When I ate the Japanese rice for the first time, I thought it was incredibly sweet and delicious and I didn’t need anything else with it.

I also received a spiritual healing called Jyorei intensively, only ate vegetables for every meal, and ate Natural Agriculture vegetables when they were available. It was a rather easy transition to become vegetarian since I didn’t have much meat in my diet to begin with. I also quit all sugars in my diet, including fruits, honey, maple syrup, and other natural sweeteners. That was very difficult for me. It took me about 2 weeks for my sugar cravings to go down. I followed a strict macro diet for about 6 months and am now a vegetarian who eats mainly Natural Agriculture products and produce.

After my surgery, I was very anemic. My hemoglobin level was down to 6 (the normal level is 12-15). I was always a little anemic, but at my check up in September 2014 I was told my hemoglobin level had became normal (14) for the first time.

After experiencing this severe illness, I felt very fortunate to eat Natural Agriculture products and produce almost everyday. I felt myself getting stronger physically and mentally.

I returned to work in mid-May 2014 and started to cook a healthy vegan lunch for myself. Then, I started to share some extra food within my office once more affordable US grown Natural Agriculture rice became available in November 2014. They all loved my food and gave me an idea of sharing Natural Agriculture food with more staff members.

I work at a public school campus where we exclusively serve students suffering from moderate to severe Autism. Our work is very different and gratifying on some days, but it is physically and mentally draining on most days. In addition, many of our staff members are too busy to bring a healthy lunch, or any lunch, and they often buy fast food instead.

On Jan 21, 2015, I began my bento project. A bento is a single-portion, home-packed meal or lunch box generally containing Japanese cuisine.

The bento project is to provide my co-workers a healthier option for lunch once every Wednesday by using Natural Agriculture and organic products. I started this project because I wanted to eat healthy and cook healthy food for not only myself but for the people I care about.

Since starting this project, I have received nothing but positive feedback:

Thanks for doing this!
It was delicious!
It was great!
Lunch was so wonderful! I want to get the recipe. Thank you so much!
I feel healthy!
It makes every Wednesday wonderful!

It is certainly very gratifying to know that people are happy when they eat my bentos!

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