Improving our health through Natural Agriculture produce and products

I have been drinking Natural Agriculture green tea since 2013. The first time I tried this particular tea coming from Shiga Prefecture (Yamamoto farm) I had a spiritual experience! The spirit of the tea presented itself to me through its green, earthy substance, awakening my heart to the joy of nature! I was clearly drinking a pure liquid element, linking me directly to the earth itself. I was reminded of Mokichi Okada, founder of the Natural Agriculture method “Nature can teach us everything” and I was listening.

This year I started a new job as a Spanish teacher at the Citizens of the World Charter School. I teach the Spanish program to almost 400 students. Before starting in September, I felt uncertain and insecure, and many times with stomach aches. Eventually I consulted a doctor and a mild acid reflux condition was detected. She recommended some acid control temporary medicine and a healthy diet!

I tried different types of lunch to take to school daily, until one day I took a container of Natural Agriculture brown rice combined with some vegetables and a big cup of Natural Agriculture green tea. It seemed like I could digest this food easily, and my energy level started to increase. I was so surprised that by my 8th class, around 2 PM in the afternoon I was full of energy! I have continued with this diet and it is more than just eating my lunch, it is a wonderful fulfilling experience every mid day when I sit down to commune with my food and drink. I feel so grateful to have a little piece of healthy earth energy through the rice ad tea. It helps me feel grounded and safe knowing that what I eat and drink is pure, and grown with care and love. It really does make a difference!

I also enjoy Natural Agriculture vegetables, mushrooms, pesto, seaweed, pasta, tofu, and more! It is so exciting to be able to eat this kind of food. It takes eating to a higher and more enjoyable experience.
My health and digestion have improved so much, I feel stronger and more connected to Source.
I want to invite you to try Natural Agriculture produce and products. I am so certain that you will feel the difference too! Give it a try!!

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