Healing brown rice

Very recently, about two months ago I became very ill. My immune system wasn’t functioning. Nothing I did, no medicine or herbs that I took, were correcting the problems I was having with my immune system. I was very, very ill during this time. I had symptoms of allergies, my eyes were infected and I had no energy. It was difficult to work as this had been going on for two months. Then somebody suggested I try brown rice. Hannah had acquired several pounds of Shumei’s Natural Agriculture brown rice and suggested I try a10 day rice only diet. So for 10 days I only ate Shumei Natural Agricultural brown rice.

After the 10th day, my health started improving. I would say within a week, after that cleanse that my health returned to 100% and I had no more immune system problems. After the experience of eating Shumei’s Natural Agriculture rice, I look at it as a medicine. I believe food should be medicine, but it’s very hard to find food that is clean. And this Natural Agriculture rice is very clean and it is like a medicine. I really honor the work that Shumei is doing; it literally and completely healed me and brought me back to good health.

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