Eating Natural Agriculture Rice in Brazil

By Steven Tokinaga (Brazil)

Having recently moved to Brazil from California, I just found a good sushi restaurant, which is a rare find. Its owner is Japanese and almost all the cooks are either Japanese or Japanese Brazilian, so it serves traditional good tasting sushi. Therefore, when some people visited me, I reserved a table there for them to eat their favorite food.

When I first visited the restaurant, I had a frank conversation with one of the cooks about how their rice was delicious but how Japanese rice in Brazil did not taste good. The cook said the restaurant serves Tamaki Rice, which is a kind of Japanese rice produced in the northern California and is used by restaurants with a good reputation in North America. Meanwhile, the restaurants in Brazil generally use Japanese rice produced in South America.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to eat South American rice until the year before the last. Then Natural Agricultural rice started being imported. Now I can eat Natural Agriculture rice every day, and my physical condition has remarkably improved. I am very grateful for it.

Previously, I had mention about the Natural Agricultural approach to farming, and the people at the restaurant showed interest in it. Then the restaurant accepted some of the Natural Agriculture rice I brought for them to make sushi with.

On the day my guests and I visited the restaurant we were served the rice I had given it. While we were there, the restaurant owner came to our table, so I thanked him for cooking my rice and asked him what he thought about it. He replied that it was the best rice that he had ever had and that it was more delicious than Tamaki Rice. Additionally, he thought that there would be many people who would like to eat Natural Agriculture rice, and he offered to introduce it to various people. He said he wanted to talk about it more and gave me his name card.

My guests and I were moved to hear his thoughts and we enjoyed our tasty sushi even more.

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