The Myth About Fertilizer

Unless the farmer is farming virgin lands where the soil has not had any previous cultivation, the farmer will need to bring the soil back to its natural state. Where fertilizers have been used, the soil has become contaminated. These contaminations have destroyed or weakened the inherent, natural power of the soil. The use of fertilizers, manures, and other chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, may in the short term increase the productivity of the land. In the long term, they are artificial supports and destroy the very nature of the soil and the interaction of the plants with the soil. Natural Agriculture practices prohibit the use of any chemical sprays, such as pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, the use of synthetic fertilizers or soil disinfectants, growth regulators, and any soil amendments or conditioners except Natural Agriculture compost.

A basic concern of farmers is the loss of nutrients removed from the soil in crop growth. Farmers worry soil cannot provide sufficient nutrients and believe they must add fertilizers or other materials such as manure to grow successful crops. Due to the chemical and biological activity constantly occurring in the soil that support Natural Agriculture practices, nutrients along with the flow of energy naturally continue to replenish these losses.

In a chemical free environment, plants and soil come into equilibrium to create the most viable plants. From a biological perspective, plants elongate roots in the ground to absorb water and energy from the soil. When fertilizers are used, plants fail to extend their roots in search of soil nutrients and soil energy, since their roots absorb fertilizers applied around their root zone. This excessive supply and intake of nutrients lowers their ability to sustain healthy growth. Conventional agriculture soils have been handicapped due to massive inputs of fertilizers over the years. The soil has been deprived of its ability to maintain its regenerative power. In order for the soil to be restored to its original purity and vigor, fertilizers are not used in Natural Agriculture farming.


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