These publications are available at Shumei America’s National Center in Pasadena and at some other Shumei centers.

National Center

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Appetizing Beauty
This book is the winner of Best Photography in the World in the Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2005. Miho Museum
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Spirit of the Land: Shumei Natural Agriculture, Philosophy and Practice
This book is a comprehensive resource for learning basic Natural Agriculture principles and practices for our farms and gardens. Beyond
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Farming to Create Heaven on Earth
“Farming to Create Heaven on Earth” is an exploration of Natural Agriculture, the food and farming movement born in Japan
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The Message in a Seed: Guidelines for Peaceful Living
This book thoughtfully outlines the fundamental principles of Shumei Natural Agriculture. After many years of visiting Natural Agriculture farms in
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An Offering of Light
A comprehensive guide to improving your life, “An Offering of Light” explores the teachings of Japan’s great 20th century visionary,
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