“The soil demonstrates this inherent capacity by fully responding to humans’ respect and love towards it. In addition, it is crucial for farmers to keep the soil pure and free from contamination. Then, as a result, the soil will surely become more vitalized with joyful sentiments.”    ––Mokichi Okada

Most successful business entrepreneurs will say that anyone can have a successful business, but only those people that have the attitude that they can succeed will succeed. As in any business, the attitude of the farmer is key to being successful. This is especially true for those that practice Natural Agriculture. Attitude can be defined as spiritual gratitude. What you feel about an activity, how you approach it mentally, directly affects how you do the activity and whether it will be accomplished successfully.

Shumei Natural Agriculture encourages farmers to have a general attitude of reverence toward the soil, natural habitats, and the local ecosystem. Farmers’ care for soil and plants is seen as crucial to how well their crops can perform and to what makes their farms thrive. Living in a society, individuals benefit from the support and contributions from all of society for the general welfare. So too, Natural Agriculture practitioners should support the benefits of the natural environment by not contaminating the soil, water, air, and plants with any harmful substances.

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