The core principle of the Natural Agriculture method is to keep the soil fully alive by maintaining the natural purity of the soil as much as possible using only natural compost. This natural compost, or mulch, is simply derived from grass, fallen leaves, residue of former crops, and other plant matter naturally collected from the earth (see Pure Soil). Consequently the soil, not being disturbed by anything outside of nature’s own process, embodies its inherent natural capacity.
One way to strengthen soil and further develop it is to simply continue to raise the same crop in the same soil year after year. Continuously replanting the seeds in the same soil and environment helps them adapt to that specific location, planting season, and the climate in which they are grown, and thus the seeds gradually become stronger (see Pure Seed). In this way, the soil generates its natural ability to adjust itself to be more suitable to raising a specific kind of fruit or vegetable.

Natural Agriculture does not need instructors. As far as Natural Agriculture goes, you don’t have to put great emphasis on its techniques; you just need to practice it with love and common sense (see Pure Heart). For Natural Agriculture farmers, the growing methods will have slightly different approaches, but everything is firmly rooted in the belief in the wisdom of nature to support and nourish all life.