Since November of 2004 Shumei has worked in partnership with the Mbabala Women Farmers’ Cooperative Union (MBAWOFA) of Zambia, which is located in that country’s Southern Province. The purpose of this relationship is to pioneer Natural Agriculture in that region of Africa. It is hoped that our coming together will benefit both the women farmers of Zambia and the Shumei organization.

The women farmers could benefit by the re-introduction of heritage maize crops, which appear to be more draught and flood resistant than conventional highbred or genetically engineered corn stocks that depend on cost-prohibitive industrial fertilizers.

If the project is successful, Shumei will benefit from the knowledge gained by applying the principles of Natural Agriculture in a high-altitude, tropical location that is subject to severe draught and heavy storms.

The initial Natural Agriculture site began in the Mbabala constituency and has since spread into two more areas, and in 2010, Natural Agriculture Development Program Zambia (NADPZ) a Zambian based NGO was founded. Today, Zambian farmers are traveling to Malawi and Tanzania to share their knowledge and experiences.

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