Natural Agriculture projects in Madagascar took root when a woman from there named Yanna Andriambalo visited her sister in Paris.  In 2012, she noticed that her sister, who was a member of Shumei’s Paris center, looked radiant and that her health had much improved through the practice of Shumei’s the three basic principles.

Yanna then saw the video of the Natural Agriculture project of Zambia and was inspired to bring Natural Agriculture to Madagascar to help support small scale farmers there.  Soon she established the Natural Agriculture Association of Madagascar.

Today, the Natural Agriculture farmers’ practice of rice production received attention from the Ministry of Agriculture as a potential solution to insect attacks of conventional rice production.  Vanilla production using Natural Agriculture methods has also began in Madagascar.

The parents of one of the association members founded a school for rural children in Madagascar.  This member introduced Natural Agriculture to the school as a part of the school curriculum, and children started growing ginger in their school garden.  The parents of the schoolchildren, most of whom are farmers, are quite impressed with Natural Agriculture methods, which are now spreading to other families and schools.

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