No quick way to good health exists—no miracle pills and no miracle supplements. Every time we purchase food we make a choice about the health of ourselves and our families. Do we want our foods free from herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers?  Do we want our foods to be able to nourish and sustain our bodies?  Is it okay if the corn on our plate has been genetically modified to contain glyphosates? Are we satisfied with processed foods with their lists of preservatives or with their contents of high fructose corn syrups, which comes with untold health risks like diabetes?  Some of the risks by eating unhealthy foods will only later become known and will not be immediately apparent.
Good health begins with good food, which is supported by exercise and by gratitude.  According to the Natural Agriculture approach, the human body is capable of extracting all of its energy, minerals, vitamins, and proteins naturally from the foods we consume and that if a healthy diet consisting of healthy foods is taken in supplements, it become unnecessary. Right mind, right exercise, and right eating make important differences in our health.
Each time we go to the store we cast our ballot as to the type of culture or society we wish to live within or even if we want to be healthy. Informed and mindful purchases give us the power to select and support a sustainable, humane agriculture that celebrates the world and our place within it. Natural Agricultural foods come from farmers who cultivate their crops without using any chemicals whatsoever, who save the most robust and vigorous seeds from each planting, and who grow their crops with a desire for peace and goodwill. One taste reveals just how healthily we can eat.
Our choices do in fact matter.