Natural Agriculture is the same way as art. There are the tangible acts of farming and eating, but what touches you is the invisible experience. While the food nourishes your body, the act nourishes your spirit.—Lisa M. Hamilton.  Farming to Create Heaven on Earth.

We are dedicated to growing the best and healthiest food possible. Also at the same time our farms partake of the spirit of the land, and are a place where one can breathe. Anyone who has gardened or farmed with spiritual awareness and respect for nature has felt the deep connection we have with the world around us.

The following links contains farms that are either part of Shumei Natural Agriculture, are independent farms, or are working in partnership with Shumei Natural Agriculture. Also some of the farms accept visitors upon prior arrangement and that information can be found on the page listing for those farms.

Hollywood Garden
Location: Hollywood, California Size: 0.5 acres Established: January 1993 Address: 7406 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA Phone:  (323) 876-5528 The
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Crestone Farm
Location: Crestone, Colorado Size: 2.5 acres Established: April 2001 Address: P.O. Box 998, 3000 East Dream Way RD. Crestone, CO
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Location: Gordonsville, Virginia Farm Manager: Diana Jerkins Established: 2015 Contact: (703)447-9100   Legacy Farm is a 240 acre mixed vegetable,
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Powicana Farm
Location: Redwood Valley, California Size: 20 acres Farm Managers: Remi and Zoubeida Zajac Established: June 2013 After years of consuming
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Back 40 Organic Ltd.
Location: Alberta, Canada Farm Manager: Bernie Ehnes Website: In 2010, Canadian Shumei Natural Agriculture farmer, Masanobu Saigo approached Bernie
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Park Farming Organics
Location: Meridian, California Farm Manager: Scott Park Website: In March 2014, Masaharu Noda of the Santa Cruz Farm contacted
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Ping & Yi-ying Garden
Location: Hopewell Junction, New York Size: 0.1 acres Gardeners: Ping & Yi-Ying Established: August 2009 We have been gardening for
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Bob & Sharon’s Garden
Location: Penrose Colorado. Size: 4.5 acres (4.25 acres alfalfa, .25 acre gardens) Gardeners: Bob and Sharon Marr Established: 1985 How
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Janie’s Farm
Location: 854E 2300N, Danforth IL 60930 Size: 2370 acres Farm Manager: Harold Wilken and Ross Wilken Facebook: Contact: 815-471-2310
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Catskill Mountain Farm
Location: Maplecrest, New York Size: 4 acres Farm Director: Dawa Sherpa Establish: 2004 Website: Our farm is located on
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Eileen’s Garden
Location: Alburtis, Pennsylvania Size: 1/4 acres Gardeners: Eileen Weinsteiger Established: 2014 Gardening to Heal the Environment I began gardening about
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Eric and LeeAnn’s Garden
Location: Fleetwood, PA
 Size: 0.88 acres 
Gardeners: Eric and LeeAnn Girolamo 
Established: Spring 2010 Getting Started After getting married, Eric
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Arthur’s Garden
Location: Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada Size: 1 Acres Gardeners: Arthur Kikuchi  After the first visit to Pender Island, British
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Manhattan Garden
Location: Manhattan, NY Size: 5 flowerbeds and 10 vases Gardeners: Ellen Young, Jimmy Lee, Joann She and students Established: March,
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Flushing Community Garden Class
Location: Flushing, NY Size: 30 ft x 30 ft Gardeners: 20 students Established: 2015 Many people who live in big
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