Garden Time

Date: Every Saturday, 9:30AM ~ Location: 7406 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90046   Learn about Natural Agriculture and how to grow food in pure untreated soil. This is a great chance to commune with nature and revitalize your spirit at Shumei’s Natural Agriculture Garden in Hollywood! If it is your first time visiting, please call (323)876-5528.

Manhattan Natural Agriculture Program

2018 Natural Agriculture Manhattan Program’s third year classes are starting! I would like to thank all of you for embracing the natural agriculture principles for a long time. Thanks to the teachers who are volunteering to teach. “Natural Agriculture Manhattan Program” is starting and continues to enroll students as spring of 2018 is approaching. Classes are held every Saturday, from 3-5pm. We’ll learn how to practice natural agriculture in the balcony of the “concrete jungle”. It is possible to grow natural vegetables on window sills. Students are welcome to invite relatives and friends to come, practice natural agriculture and eat their own homegrown dishes, so that we can be healthier and live happier!


Class day: every Saturday 3-5pm

Class location: 160 E. 22nd Street, (near 3Ave) NY 10010

Subway #6 line


(Every other Saturday)


* Study indoor sowing and seedlings;

* transplant vegetable seedlings and actually experience planting;

* Learn natural farming methods to prepare soil without fertilizer and pesticides, and avoid using genetically modified seeds;

* Annual self-cultivation of vegetables

*DIY miso making from natural agriculture soy beans + rice koji;

*A day trip to a natural agriculture farm and seed garden.


You can pick natural agriculture vegetables


Tuition-free; material and seed costs are $30 for the year and $50 for the couple. Register for both Manhattan and Flushing (3-5pm every Thursday) programs for $50/year.


Precautions for class:

  1. Please bring a name tag prepared by the group leader
  2. Two photocopies of driver’s license or valid photo ID and payment are required to sign up with group leader, Flora
  3. A camera or phone for taking photos
  4. Please bring your own gloves, drinking water, plastic bags, envelopes for seeds, small cups, small boxes, etc…
  5. Please support an environmentally friendly garbage collection

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Thank you.

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