Tofu Project

This year, I made Sukui Tofu in Hawaii by using Natural Agricultural soybeans grown by Mr. Harold in Illinois. In the process of forming the tofu, it is scooped from the water, which leaves water in tofu for a soft and smooth texture.

Once I worked in the food industry. Eight years ago, I became acquainted with Mr. Munehiro Yamada, who was the former owner of a tofu maker. He studied how to make tofu at a temple, and applied its way to make tofu. As an experiment, I challenged this project, hoping to become able to distribute Natural Agricultural tofu in Hawaii in future.

The 20 lb. of soybeans were mailed from the Pasadena Center. Soybean milk can be made to stay good longer by cooling the soybeans soon after squeezing them. I asked the Aloha Tofu maker in Hawaii to follow that process. As for the nigari, an indispensable ingredient to make tofu, we only used nigari from Okinawa, Japan from an acquaintance of Mr. Yamada.

Since the tofu was very successful, I gave it to many people.

Sue, one of my colleagues, bought our tofu continuously for two days and said to me, “On the second day, I could not eat anything due to a gastric ulcer, but I was able to eat this tofu and enjoy it. Thank you!”

Minami, who had constipation and it was resolved, said that since she started feeling good, things were going well.

Another person, Cindy knew for a long time that I go to Los Angels whenever the chance arises. After she heard about the Natural Agricultural Conference, to support my activity, she bought a lot of tofu, shared them with her family living near her and made tofu curry. She took a photo of it and sent it to me.

Edit, who is a friend of the Shumei member Balazs, made tofu nuggets and invited me for dinner.

Kelly, who is another friend of Balazs made creamy soft tofu garnished with cooked vegetables, also sent me the photo of that dish.

My new goal became to try to make tofu and enjoy it. What was the hardest was to arrange the schedules of the factory, Mr. Yamada, and myself, to make the tofu while maintaining its freshness. Also, I couldn’t have done without Barazs’ help.

Finally, this project resulted in a great success and I felt I accomplished some thing, which encourages me. Thank you very much.

Now, Mr. Yamada shows interest in helping the world change for the better by using Natural Agriculture soybeans, under the possibility of financial success. I am truly grateful to have a circle of so many warm-hearted people. Thank you!


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