Location: Hollywood, California
Size: 0.5 acres
Established: January 1993
Address: 7406 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Phone:  (323) 876-5528

The Hollywood Garden holds special significance as Shumei’s first Natural Agriculture area of practice in the Western world. Farm manager Junzo Uyeno first began working on transforming the half-acre plot of land in the backyard of the Shumei Hollywood Center in 1993. The area held an abandoned tennis court and a dilapidated flagstone barbeque area, both almost lost in a wild tangle of underbrush, overgrown trees, and grass. It took Mr. Uyeno close to five years to clear the land and transform the hard, rocky ground into soil suitable for practicing Natural Agriculture.

Today, the Hollywood Natural Agriculture garden is a peaceful oasis where visitors can come to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and inspired to start their own home or community garden. Community involvement is a core component of the garden. The Shumei Center organizes various educational activities and events, including cooking classes, open houses, a Nature Club and an annual garden festival. Through these activities, people are able to reconnect with nature and learn the value of Natural Agriculture and sustainable living.