Location: Alberta, Canada
Farm Manager: Bernie Ehnes
Website: http://www.ehnesorganic.com/

In 2010, Canadian Shumei Natural Agriculture farmer, Masanobu Saigo approached Bernie Ehnes of Alberta, Canada with the proposal of growing Emmer wheat using the Natural Agriculture method. Bernie Ehnes has been farming for 37 years, of which he began growing organically in 1990. His farm specializes in growing Red Fife, Emmer, Durem, and Rye wheat. Ehnes’ respect for the soil is very much in line with the Natural Agriculture perspective on building and maintaining healthy soil. As he stated, “If you don’t take care of the soil, the soil is not going to take care of you.” Emmer wheat is the second oldest ancestral wheat dating back 8000 years. In 2010, Ehnes began growing Natural Agricultural emmer wheat to make the first Shumei Natural Agriculture flour and in 2013, in collaboration with the Sfoglini Pasta Factory in Brooklyn, New York, the first Natural Agriculture fusilli pasta was created.