Location: Redwood Valley, California
Size: 20 acres
Farm Managers: Remi and Zoubeida Zajac
Established: June 2013

After years of consuming an unhealthy American diet and concerned about the health and future of their two children, Remi and Zoubeida sought a healthier and a more meaningful lifestyle away from the busy city life of a computer engineer for Remi and therapist for Zoubeida. After learning about Natural Agriculture through their interaction with Shumei, they decided to dedicate a farm to the sustainable practice of Natural Agriculture. In 2013 the couple and their two children moved from their home in Pasadena, California to Redwood Valley, 2 hours south of San Francisco, where they purchased a 20-acre land, half of which was already a dedicated vineyard. In 2014, Powicana Farm (‘Powicana’ means ‘red clay ridge’ in the Native American language, which describes the beautiful and unique red dirt of the farm land), produced the first Natural Agriculture wine. Today, they grow various produce and own many livestock including chickens and goats. The couple is also very involved in the Mendocino County agricultural and farming community.