Location: Gordonsville, Virginia
Farm Manager: Diana Jerkins
Established: 2015
Contact: (703)447-9100

Legacy Farm is a 240 acre mixed vegetable, fruit, hay, and forest production farm located in central Virginia. The mission of the farm is to provide local and regional fresh and value added products grown using Natural Agriculture methods. The farm was initially founded in the 1840s. Structures on the property date back to the 1850s included a farm house and several barns. Over the years, the property has been used for cattle and horse businesses and traditional row crops grown. The majority of the property is in forest which is maintained as a natural ecosystem for wildlife and native plants.
The fruit and vegetable covers approximately ten acres of which 3 acres is in current production. Over thirty types of vegetables are being grown which includes multiple varieties of each vegetable. All crops are produced from saved seed or locally sources non-hybrid regionally produced seeds. Not only does this allow the seed to be adapted to the region, but also supports several small regional seed producers who are maintaining and re-establishing heritage seed collections. Over the years, the vegetable fields have improved in soil quality due to the addition of hay which is grown on the farm. The hay is used as a top cover on the fields for weed and moisture control. Several types of fruits are being experimented with to determine the best varieties for the micro-climate and preferences of consumers. Currently several varieties of apples, pears, cherries, figs, blueberries, and peaches are being grown for fresh market.  The farm participates in local farmers markets, a regional food hub, and direct sales to restaurants and a work-of mouth clientele.

The farm welcomes visitors and interns with advance notice. Future plans are to create farm days and training sessions for the general public. We look forward to your visit.