Location: Manhattan, NY
Size: 5 flowerbeds and 10 vases
Gardeners: Ellen Young, Jimmy Lee, Joann She and students
Established: March, 2016

How we started:

In the spring of 2014, Ellen Young, the president of the “Christian Golden Age Academy”, rented open space from the New York City Parks Department to set up an “Organic Farming Class”. During the second year, she began to follow the “Shumei Natural Agriculture Philosophy” on the cultivation of the land and ignited the enthusiasm of the New York farming enthusiasts. Her goal is to help older people eat healthy, increase their knowledge, develop interest and build a good circle of likeminded people.

Later, based on the desire of many office workers and residents of Brooklyn, New Jersey to learn about natural agriculture principles, President Young overcame many difficulties and partnered with her friend, Joann She, president of the Chinese Women’s Chamber of Commerce.  The garden started in 2016 at Joann’s Manhattan apartment, on the 17th floor home balcony, where they opened a natural farming class every Saturday.

How we garden:

In the first two years, the results were bleak and unremarkable. The size of the flower beds was limited. Soil had to be brought in from farmland to the building. All the difficulties that could be imagined were met, and the turnaround to the Natural Agriculture Farming method started!


Thank you Lord, this year is the first harvest!



Organic Seed Garden Day Tour (9/8/18)

Natural Soybean Homemade Miso Class (TBN)

One-course dinner (TBN)


Future plans: The school hopes that one day it will let the students completely manage and coordinate themselves, maintain the sustainable development of the Manhattan natural agriculture farming classes, and realize the dream of more people – eat their own homegrown healthy and safe dishes.